Our Favorite Shopping Malls in Bangkok

There is certainly no shortage of shopping malls in Bangkok. Bangkok has the best of both worlds when it comes to shopping. If you are looking for high-end luxury brands, Bangkok has a mall for you. If you are in search of cheap, yet one-of-a-kind…

October 9, 2016
Thai souvenir

The 8 Best Places To Buy Souvenirs in Bangkok

Finding the right souvenirs in Bangkok can be difficult and Bangkok as an enormous city, consisting of more than eight million people. Do not waste time scouring the city in hopes of finding the best neighborhoods for shopping for Thai souvenirs. Here, the best…

October 4, 2016
Language Travel

Thai Phrases You Should Know To Stay Safe

The time has come for you to visit Thailand, and you have taken all the necessary precautions in order to stay safe. You have your Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and even your Japanese Encephalitis vaccine under your belt. You have a fair stock of Malaria…

September 24, 2016
Language Life

The Top 10 Thai Phrases For A Good Night Out

So you have decided to take on the nightlife in the City of Angels. You will find no shortage of it here. Bangkok is bursting with clubs, restaurants, and bars all waiting to be explored. Finding and getting to these places, however, can be difficult if…

September 16, 2016

Living in Ari, Bangkok

Living as an expat in a new country is all about exploring. Given Bangkok’s incredible size, it is easy to move from hub to hub hoping to see it all. Having lived in the city for a year now, I have only relocated twice. This…

September 12, 2016

15 Fruits To Try In Thailand

Cheap, delicious, refreshing: there are plenty of reasons to eat as much fruit in Thailand as possible. Stands and vendors are on almost every corner. Each has containers and bags of flavorsome fruit just waiting to be devoured. Many of these fruits have harsh…

September 3, 2016

The Top 10 Food-Related Words You Should Know In Thai

Thailand is a haven for foodies.  Knowing how to say basic foods and flavors when dining is essential to enjoying these dishes.  Here, the top 10 essential Thai dining words. Mawng Sa Vee Rat/Gin Jay (Vegetarian/Vegan) You never know where meat might be hiding…

August 31, 2016
Life Work

My life in Thailand – Part 2

“Welcome to the Jungle” – Culture Shock – Planet Thailand… My first working day was chaotic. I left my condo (might have been my hotel as well, I do not remember) late, took the MRT (Bangkok Metro) to Petchaburi station which is an important…

July 11, 2015